Food With Heart in Southwest Florida

One time a year and usually sometime in February Jim and I are fortunate enough to spend a totally blissful day with two of our favorite people in the whole world.

We met Mike and Judy Higgins when we were in our twenties and Jim was transferred by A&W Restaurants to Gaithersburg, Maryland to operate one of their busier restaurants in the highly trafficked Lakeforest Mall.

When we moved into a new luxury apartment complex called The Hunt Club we felt as if we were living the good life. We had everything we needed for our two children and ourselves to be comfortable.

Amalia, our oldest child, was a 2 1/2 year old toddler and Matthew was a 3 month old baby when we flew over the Potomac and past the Washington Monument into our new lives.

The only thing that I as a new mother lamented was that we had left our our family behind. I knew that Jim would be working a demanding restaurant management schedule and I could have very possibly become quite lonely and maybe even lose my mind.

Then, by the grace of God, Judy Higgins happened to be sunning at the Hunt Club Pool where her adorable children Errin, age 10, and Mikey, age 5, were swimming.  I walked in with a stroller full of babies and a desperate need to have adult conversation.

Judy was born and raised in Minnesota and is still to this very day the kind of person that everyone would want as their best friend. Not only is she the salt of the earth, but as a educator for over thirty years Judy learned the fine art of listening and she has the ability and desire to try and understand the challenges others may be facing. She is also a woman of great faith in God and I learned much from her about how to live the life of a good Catholic and how to be a loving and attentive mother.

Michael is a graduate of West Point who served our country as an officer in Vietnam and went on to have a brilliant career as a successful businessman. He became the example that Jim wanted so much to follow of a husband and father that loves God, his wife and his children and worked hard at creating a great life for them.

Now, some thirty years later we are fortunate enough to spend that one wonderful day catching up. We talk for hours about our beautiful children and grandchildren.

Judy, who is an amazing cook, will prepare a lovely light lunch followed later in the day by dinner at one of their favorite spots in Bonita Springs Florida where they Winter each year.

This time we found ourselves enjoying one of the most remarkable meals we have had  in a very long time at DeRomo’s in Bonita Springs at the Promenade Shopping Center. The owner, Frances J. Cuomo, has created a thriving Gourmet Market Restaurant and Catering business that anyone who is a veteran to the hospitality industry would have to admire.


Walking past Oak Barrels into the Tuscan inspired dining room it is immediately apparent that you are about to enjoy a delightful dinner.

Once seated at our very comfortable half circle booth our server whose name is Hugo appeared within a minute or two and offered to bring sparkling water while we looked over the menus. His smile was sincere and his personality was warm and upbeat with just the right amount of humor thrown in.

A server like Hugo makes us want to make him our poster server for our Hospitality Training Program at

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The four of us began to peruse the wine list and cocktail menu as we are all of the mindset that there must be priorities in life.

I decided to have the house Pinot Grigio which at $7.50 a glass was a very nice wine at a great value. Jim ordered a the Highway 12 Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma Valley and he found it to be full of intense black fruit with a hint of cocoa and a smooth finish.

Michael’s Chocolate Martini was served with a chocolate drizzle on the glass and included Chocolate Liquor, Bailey’s, Creme de Cocoa, Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico and a touch of cream.  Judy’s Italian inspired craft cocktail looked refreshing in every way.

Hugo suggested an appetizer of Mozzarella de Buffalo, roasted red and green peppers and Prosciutto with a drizzle of olive oil and a touch of Balsamic Vinegar glaze.

Jim and Judy were sold on the specials that were well described by our marvelous server and Judy ordered the Branzino which is a delicate white fish served with lemon caper sauce. Jim decided to order the veal chop which was tender, juicy and prepared to perfection.

Michael and I went the more traditional route and ordered two of their freshly made pasta dishes. I ordered the Carbonara with Pancetta, egg yolk, Parmigiana Reggiano and cream sauce.  Michael selected the Ravioli Formaggio with house made jumbo cheese ravioli filled with Ricotta in a Rosso Aurora Sauce and was garnished with one of ‘Nona’s famous meatballs.

Each of us enjoyed our entree’s immensely and their was even a fair amount of sharing that occurred between Judy and Jim. However, Michael and I ate every last bit of our perfect pasta dishes on our own.

Needless to say we couldn’t even begin to entertain the idea of dessert,  but if I had indulged the Profiteroles that are cream puffs filled with Chantilly cream and rolled in chocolate would have been high on my list.

The DeRomo’s website features a quote that certainly holds true for them and that is, “food is the way to the heart and our heart is in it.”

Mike and Judy Higgins will always hold a special place in our hearts and after last Wednesday nights dinner DeRomo’s will too.

What a passion. It was enjoyable seeing our friends from so many years back. We usually shared a dinner and food became a staple of our meeting along with several different styles of beverage. It was the best of the best situations. Great friends, great food, great wine and in this case we get to write about our get together.

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Thank you, Patti and Jim

Breakfast & Shopping on North Reddington Beach

I am very fortunate to have a morning commute that is on a street called Gulf Boulevard and as the name would indicate it has the Gulf of Mexico on one side of the motel lined road and a slightly calmer and beautiful bay on the other.

There are literally hundreds of very cute mom and pop establishments including beach cottages, old fashioned candy and ice cream stores, shell shops, restaurants and more.

But one of the many independently owned establishments I have been more curious about is a breakfast and lunch place with a stylish boutique called Sweet Sage.

The parking lot is always packed and they are only open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. because they can be due to the phenomenal volume that occurs in those very few hours.

It was impressive to see how organized their seating staff was and how dedicated they seem to be to insuring that everyone is seated without a very long wait.

Once inside you feel as if you have entered a quaint Country French cottage where everything is welcoming and full of charm.

We ordered the Sweet Sage Scramblers that were served with a freshly baked buttermilk biscuit and we had the option of ordering sides that included hot chunky apples, hash browns, grits, or fruit. Our server Heather was great. She was friendly, efficient and well organized too.

Everything was delicious and had a very home made appeal.  You could almost feel the love that went into executing this very comforting and satisfying meal.

After breakfast we stopped into the fancy boutique that features all kinds of casual Florida styles and lovely accessories too.

Next time in I probably won’t be as quite as disciplined about my shopping habits and will likely go home with a special gift for myself or a friend.

You can bet we will return to try the famous “Waffle daffle” which is a Belgium Waffle served with whipped cream, raspberry sauce and seasonal fruit, or the Twice Stuffed Eggs Benedict which is potato skins stuffed with poached, shaved ham and Hollandaise Sauce.

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How can you go wrong when everything about Sweet Sage is so artfully done.?

After all of this I have to say that this beautiful place with all of its gorgeous gifts and trinkets and bright colors and this fun well run operation loves their, or your, dogs.  They have a special menu just for Fido. Realizing your dog is probably not named Fido it doesn’t really matter what your doggie’s name is because they will love the selection Sweet Sage has created for them. You can see more of their menu selections at

This wonderful article about Sweet Sage Cafe is brought to you by the well written Patti Abate and co-creator and husband James Poling. We love our foods and wines and we really enjoyed this opportunity. We could not get into this operation for many years. It was always so busy so this time we made up our minds. We only waited a few minutes and in no time we were seated.

Burger-Fi is Remarkable in Every Way

When our youngest daughter was attending The University of Tampa for her undergraduate studies the Burger-Fi  Restaurant on South Howard Avenue in Tampa was our favorite spot to take our hungry college student.

Burger Fi’s 100% natural Angus beef patties, hand cut fries and double battered onion rings are sheer heaven when you have had a challenging week at work or school.

The craft beer selection is also excellent and Jim and I would usually indulge ourselves with one of those while Maggie was more likely to choose a shake or something from the soda fountain, maybe even a custard float.

Though our burger of choice was usually the more traditional cheeseburger one could opt for the Double Bacon, Double Natural Angus Beef Burger or even the Double Wagyu plus Brisket Blend Burger that is dubbed the CEO with Homemade Candied Bacon-Tomato Jam, Truffle Aioli,  & Aged Swiss Cheese.

If you are of a vegetarian persuasion the VegeFi Burger is a delicious choice with crispy quinao, White Cheddar Cheese and the Special Burger-Fi sauce.


If you’re not in a burger mood you can also order and all beef Vienna Hot Dog and make it New York style with kraut & mustard or Texas style with chili & cheese.

There are so many remarkable things about this eco friendly, fun and casual gourmet burger establishment but two things stand out for me:

The first thing is the originality of every single detail from the menu to the branded Burger-Fi Buns to the craft beer selections and excellent custard desserts.

The second thing which is actually always first and foremost in my mind is the friendly and very personal service that is given by every staff member that we have ever encountered. They are all smiles and ready to serve from the moment you walk through their doors until it is sadly time to leave and dream of the next time you can return to this super cool, super delicious and super friendly gourmet burger establishment.

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Maggie is in graduate school in New Jersey now and I think she may miss BurgerFi almost as much as she misses Mom and Dad.

Don’t worry Mags with a business that works this hard to be the best at what they do there very well may be one coming to your area soon.

To learn more about Burger-Fi and the options available check out their website at

Patricia Abate is definitely a fan of great burgers as well as husband and co-creator of 

One thing is certain we love food, wine and great customer service and we love to share our experiences. We hope you enjoy them too.

Bavaro’s for an Authentic Napoletana Experience

Yesterday was not only celebrated by love struck Valentine’s everywhere, but it also happened to be Ash Wednesday.

As my husband Jim and I are not only forty year hospitality veterans, but also devout Catholics we needed to factor in a couple of carefully considered pieces of criteria for our dining options.

One, we absolutely could not eat any meat whatsoever and Two, we did not want to be anywhere close to any restaurant at all past 5:00 when vast numbers of lovebirds would begin to line up two by two at the door.

Therefore, at 3:00 in the afternoon we decided to head towards downtown St. Pete to one of our favorite restaurants on Central Avenue.

Tap the picture for the Bavarro website
The red, while & green colors of the Italian flag are part of the Margherita Pizza.

Bavaro’s Pizza Napoletana and Pastaria filled number one of our essential criteria as they serve one of the finest Margherita Pizza’a anywhere.

The Bavaro’s well written website shares some very intriguing history on the beginnings of pizza within sixteenth century Naples culture when it was served strictly as a street food.

The website goes on to say that it wasn’t until 1889 in honor of the Queen Consort of Italy Margherita Savoy that a Neopolitan Pizza maker named Raffaele Esposito created the “Pizza Margherita” by using red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green basil to represent the national colors of Italy as seen on the Italian flag.

Dan Bavaro and his wife Anna- Maria have gone to great lengths after leaving their New Jersey home and opening their first restaurant in March of 2009 in Tampa to provide the most authentic Napoletena wood fired pizza imaginable.

Their ovens are hand crafted in Napoli with materials such as Santa Maria bricks for durability and Italian Mosaic tiles for the perfect exterior aesthetic.

You can watch your pizza being created while sipping a draft Moretti or Peroni

At a 900 degree oven temperature we were able to fill criteria number two by ordering, being served and completely devouring our crispy and perfectly executed pizza in one hours time.

We did allow ourselves a Moretti draft beer, but only one in observance of a day in which we believe a certain amount of fasting is appropriate.

Next time in we are less restricted by our religious convictions, we may want to indulge in the Tre-Carne Pizza with Soppresata, Proscuitto and Spicy Italian sausage.

I would also be very interested in the Penne ala Vodka with San Marsano Tomato, Pancetta and onions. I think that would go very nicely with the Mediterranean Salad of baby spinach, pine nuts, red onion, grape tomato and feta cheese with a fig Vinaigrette.

Great lunchtime specials

On Wednesday’s between 5-10 p.m. and Friday’s between 11-3 p.m. you can take advantage of 50% off Vino and Birre. I think a Sangiovese, Caldora or a Chianti, Casa di Monte would pair nicely with the items that I have mentioned above.

No matter the occasion you simply can’t go wrong by trying Bavaro’s freshly made dishes that include only the finest of ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Patti Abate and her husband are loving our opportunity to enjoy the fun restaurants and taverns of St. Pete, Tampa Bay and beyond. We have great chefs here and delicious foods,…and wines & craft beers. We can’t contain ourselves, but we are loving the fact that we can be so positive in sharing our food blog thoughts.

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Art Architecture & Great Prime Rib

After reading a great article on the site Jim and I decided to check out the Hive Restaurant located in the Historic Grand Central & Warehouse Art District.

The owners and staff were in the mist of making some major changes to the menu offerings and the overall design of the restaurants entrance on the day we happened by.

The Hive Prime Rib topped with Rosemary Bacon butter

Still, our server and bartender whose name is Pam was very friendly and endorsed our decision to order the 10 oz. Prime Rib special that is offered at a mere $9.95 and included garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal sauteed vegetables.

We enjoyed the delicious and juicy prime rib immensely and plan to return soon to see what other developments have occurred at this art-deco fifty room property that is inspired by 1920’s Mediterranean revival architecture and possesses a certain type of ambiance that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

The wall sized mural of the restaurants namesake Dr. Vinton J. Hive, a well traveled and colorful character, displays a fashionable gentleman who is credited with quotes such as, “I believe books should be like a prime rib steak – good and thick.”

I agree with you Dr. Hive and that’s exactly why we will be returning to one of St. Pete’s newest and most eclectic additions to the food scene soon.

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Patricia Abate is a true lover of delicious prime rib and we had to make our way to The Hive as we are sure you will if you are a fan too. Patricia is co-creator of Tampa Bay’s Remarkable Restaurants with husband James Poling.

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The Perfect Light Lunch at The Friendly Fisherman

While taking photo’s at John’s Pass Boardwalk Village last week we decided to stop for lunch at the Friendly Fisherman.

First of all, we enjoyed our server Peter’s friendly, fun, and attentive service so much that we decided to feature him on our blog page entitled The Remarkable One’s.


(Peter was such a good waiter that we reflected on the style of wait-person we love to  envision when we discuss our Hospitality Training Program at 

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We were also elated by the seventy five degree temp in late January and the perfect waterfront view of the bay.

In addition to all of the above the Friendly Fisherman’s Corn Fritters that were lightly dusted in confectioners sugar and served with a side of honey and the Blackened Whitefish Sandwich that we shared made the perfect light lunch along with the Key West American Pale Ale.

Stop at the Friendly Fisherman the next time you are taking in the sites and sounds of John’s Pass Boardwalk Village. You will be glad you did.


Patti Abate is co-creator of this blog and the Hospitality Training Program titled

She is committed to sharing only positive attributes of a restaurant, hotel or winery along with great service provided by staff and management or ownership.  Please feel free to share our blog with anyone and we thank you for viewing our site. Her husband Jim Poling and she have been forty year veterans of this industry and share a tremendous passion for it.

Remarkable Owners at The Old Key West Bar & Grill

Stopping in for the Wednesday $5 burger special at The Old Key West Bar & Grill on Central Avenue in St. Pete was a great experience in more ways than one.

Jim and I have driven past the tropically landscaped pastel colored corner restaurant so many times on the way to some of our favorite downtown dining destinations.

On this particular late January afternoon we noticed the burger special that was advertised on a hand written sandwich board and decided to stop in.

We were greeted by a very friendly man who directed us to sit wherever we liked and soon after doing so he appeared at our comfy over-sized booth to offer the menu and ask about our beverages.

When we inquired about the draft beer selection he proudly recited every single one and they seemed to number a dozen or so.

Within that selection were two that were notable for us, the locally made 3 Daughter’s Beach Blonde and the Big Storm Amber Ale.

We of course took advantage of the burger special which comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and pickles and a side order of crispy seasoned fries.

I couldn’t resist the bacon and American cheese for a slight add-on and Jim added Blue Cheese crumbles. The burger arrived quickly and was absolutely juicy and delicious.

After telling Mitch how much we appreciated his service and everything about our visit to The Old Key West Bar & Grill he told us how much he appreciated that as he and his wife Crystal are the owners.

We asked if we could take their photo and feature them as our Tampa Bay Owners of the Week which we list on our site under the tab Excellent Servers We Have Met.

They were very appreciative and it is apparent that they are a couple that puts a great deal of talent, passion, & excitement into their operation.

You can review their extensive menu offerings and fun weekly events on their very attractive website:

The only thing that would make this restaurant more authentic as a Key West Bar would be live chickens running around the restaurant.

We are now loyal fans and we’ll be stopping in soon for their fried fish dinner with home made hush puppies or maybe their Mexican Rice Bowl and a nice slice of Key Lime Pie.

Well done Mitch and Crystal as a couple who has worked together in the hospitality industry for over 40 years we like your spirit. This is a couple that truly believes in giving #remarkableservice. If you are looking to join the ranks of great servers making a great income or possibly becoming an owner of your own restaurant or bar consider viewing our training options at

Anyone for a game of cornhole?

Lunch With Heart & Soul

Alesia’s on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg is truly the purest example of fresh and innovative cooking that we have experienced in years. This perfect blend of Vietnamese and French cuisine obviously comes from a very genuine place in the hearts of Alesia’s three founding partners who bring their beloved ethnic backgrounds from the kitchen to your table as an expression of love.

As it was a beautiful and sunny 70 degree January day in St. Pete we decided to be seated on Alesia’s patio and take in the warmth as well as the scenery.

I ordered a Japanese IPA which paired nicely with an appetizer order of light and airy shrimp chips served with a finely diced apple, red onion, cilantro and mint salsa.


After spending some time with the menu Jim decided to order the traditional Pho with Vietnamese rice noodles, fresh herbs and thinly sliced beef brisket in a broth that was heavenly in every way and made even better by adding just a bit of Hoisin sauce.

#stpetersburgfoodies #stpetefoodies is  a website to help navigate additional restaurant selection.



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I opted for the dish called Bun which was a bowl of cool rice vermicelli noodles served over finely chopped lettuce and sprinkled with chopped peanuts. There were many options available for adding to the bowl and I chose the combination of a  grilled pork skewer and crispy egg rolls.

It is hard to describe the pleasure we took in seeing how the beautifully executed colors, flavors and textures came together in each of our selections. We rarely finish every morsel of food but in this case we did as it was not overly filling but satisfying in every way.

We are grateful to our server Oie who was pleasant, helpful and efficient at all times.  The staff in general appears to be confident and well trained. As forty year professionals in the hospitality industry that is something we admire greatly.

Make Alesia’s top on your list for lunch, dinner or Saturday brunch soon and feed not only you body but your soul.

The Vermicelli noodles provided a bit of a task for me. I always thought I was proficient & when I watch Anthony Bourdain when he visits worlds of Asian cuisine and I admire the way noodle soups are consumed with bowl to the mouth and swift chopstick and noodle deposition to the customer enjoying their meal.

So, we included a helpful lesson on how to use the beautiful bamboo chopsticks accompanying the meals we received.

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Freshly Made Pasta & Old World Charm

Pia’s Trattoria in Gulfport, Florida is located just one half a block from the tiny beach cottage where Jim & I so happily reside.

Often times when we are sitting on our patio in the evening enjoying a glass of wine the aroma of garlic coming Pia’s kitchen travels our way and becomes an alluring temptation.

(#stpetersburgfoodies #stpetefoodies is another place to find some #remarkable St. Pete restaurants)

On more than one occasion we have allowed our noses to lead us like “food zombies” in the night to the front entrance of the red brick Tuscan style building that Pia’s has called home since 2005.

Once inside we usually opt to start at the bar with a Moretti draft beer or a half carafe of wine and slowly take in the ambiance of open shuttered windows complete with fresh Geranium flower boxes framed by laced curtains that blow gently in the breeze.

There are many seating options available to you at Pia’s including long picnic style tables located in the bar itself and a covered outdoor terrace where Italian opera fills the night air and there is no shortage of red and white checked tablecloths.

(You can enjoy working in an Italian restaurant such as Pia’s with the wonderful ambiance & delicious foods. Be your own contractor by becoming a small business person, yes a server or bartender, & enjoy the benefits of making great money, but not the heartaches of paying all the restaurant bills. Review what is available at:


We usually ask to be seated in the back dining room as its old world charm complete with numerous wine racks, antique silver candle holders, and lace doilies on the deep dark wood tables creates a cozy and private dining experience that almost takes you to another place and time.

We have each tried a number of things of the menu but my favorite dish to date is the Pasta Primavera with fresh seasonal vegetables in a creamy Parmigiano Cheese sauce.

Jim often orders Arrabiata which is described as being a spicy sun-dried tomato sauce.

Last time in we ordered the Pesto Verde with Pia’s secret Neopolitan sauce. It was by far the most #remarkable pesto sauce we have ever had.

With any of the pasta dishes you can choose from the freshly made selection of spaghetti, cappellini, penne, farfalle or rotini all of which are prepared “al dente”.

Needless to say dinner in an Italian restaurant would not be complete without enjoying an espresso or cappucino with one of Pia’s made from scratch desserts.

Come to the eclectic water front town of Gulfport soon and enjoy the flavor of Pia’s Trattoria for a #remarkable evening.

As much as we talk of #PattiAbate and her passion for food you can double that passion when it comes to delicious home appeal Italian food. With many Italians in the family line she has learned about these delicate foods & their preparations and appreciates it when she tastes foods she can relate to her grandmother and mother.

Along with her husband #JamesPoling she has co-created this blog along with a Hospitality Training Site #Giveremarkableservice.  You can visit the site a number of ways including this link:

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Patti & Jim

Experience the Flavor of Europe on Beach Drive in St. Pete

You may have guessed by reading a few of my previous blogs that I am a lover of pubs. Some pubs however are more authentic than others and come far closer to what you might find in a quaint little village in the British Isles.

The Moon Under Water is located on the very upscale Beach Drive in downtown St. Pete. Bright red umbrella tables give one the opportunity to do a little people watching from their sidewalk seating.

If the romantic appeal of working in a charismatic restaurant such as The Moon Under Water appeals to you and you would like more training to work as a server please consider our Hospitality Training Site by selecting:

The outdoor setting is perfect as you can take in the Banyon trees in Straub Park and get a little glimpse of the Bay while pondering the magnificent paintings that hang inside The Museum of Fine Arts right across the street.

At dusk the horse drawn carriages begin to line up and if you are so inclined you can even tour the city in a replica of Cinderella’s carriage.

Once inside though you literally forget everything I’ve just described and you find yourself in what appears to be an age old tavern in Dublin or Edinburgh or Oxford England or Wales.

Flags that represent each of those countries hang high from the tall dark wood beamed ceiling.

The tables are covered in white butcher paper which is apropos while enjoying the best fish and chips on this side of the pond or the juicy Guiness burger or even one of their many curry offerings. If you order any of the curry dishes be sure to try the garlic Naan bread which is soft and warm when served to you and perfect in every way.

Whenever Jim and I are there with family and friends we order the Old Speckled Hen which is an English pale ale. The aren’t many pubs in the area that offer it so for us it is a must have.

We’ve never ordered dessert at our favorite pub because we are always so satisfied at the end of each visit.

However, if you are craving something sweet Paciugo’s is located a few doors down and you can literally travel from England to Italy by stepping inside and experiencing their deliciously creamy gelato or refreshing sorbetto.

Consider trying The Moon Under Water or Paciugo’s the next time you are in downtown St. Pete and save yourself the price of an intercontinental ticket.

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