A Remarkable & Memorable Experience at Bern’s SteakHouse

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Last summer my husband and I spent four glorious days in Saugatuck, Michigan with our children and grandchildren.  Our vacation rental home was called Butterfly Cottage and was located steps away from charming shops and restaurants as well as the riverfront.

As if our happy memories weren’t enough our wonderful son and daughter-in-law sent us a heart felt thank you card and was enclosed with a very generous gift card for Bern’s Steak House.

It is hard to describe the excitement that we felt in the prospect of finally being able to dine at what we had often heard referred to as one of the finest restaurants on the eastern seaboard.

Needless to say the experience that we had complete with a three course aged steak dinner and two marvelous glasses of wine each as well as a trip to the famous Harry Waugh’s Dessert Room did not disappoint.

We were even invited to take a tour of their well organized and bustling kitchen.  Last but not least there was a visit to their world renowned wine room that houses over 70,000 bottles in its collection.

After our remarkable experience including a private audience with a very talented pianist who played during dessert and the attentive and perfectly executed service of our waiter who had been at Bern’s for nearly 30 years I described our experience to our children as an amusement park for old foodies.  We were elated at every twist and turn of what I can only describe as the most perfect dinner imaginable.

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