Blog Coming This Week from Detroit

We knew we wanted to develop a blog for restaurants for the Tampa Bay area of Florida. However, with the event of the new year for us we headed to Detroit, Michigan for #Colette, the little gentle grand daughter born to our

oldest daughter right in Detroit, Michigan. Thank you to #DetroitHarperHetzelHospital,  #DMC of Detroit  and all of the gracious nurses we encountered and we are grateful to all of them #ThankyouDMCnurses.

This is from our site that includes the addition Tampa Bay &


Okay, so what’s coming up from our trip? #Mudgie’s, #Slo’s, #P


izzaSlices will be on the agenda for different reasons, but all are great reasons.

We can’t wait to finish the blog. But, first we have to spend a little more time with the babe. Thanks all. #giveremarkableservice.

Meanwhile, check out our training site where we are still offering a free 10 module training program. Free! Come on and get it while the baby is young. See you in a day or so.

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