Detroit on the Road – Remarkable Pizza With Heart

When our daughter Amalia moved back to Detroit from our paradise like home on the west coast of Florida, my husband and I literally said, “Why in the world would you want to do that?”

Her reply was that she missed her artist and musician friends. We assured her that St. Pete is known as “The City of the Arts” and that it would be crazy to leave.

This past week we ourselves have returned to Detroit, (the city we left nearly ten years ago), for the birth of our third grandchild. Baby Colette was born on January 3rd in temps that were equivalent to 20 degrees below zero considering the wind chill factor.

After experiencing some of Amalia’s favorite spots for great food we have to admit that the climate is ridiculously frigid, but perhaps one good reason to live in Detroit is the remarkable variety of restaurant options.

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With many ethnic origins being represented in the cooking of people who’s culture drives their passion for food, Detroit may be one of the most colorful and diverse cities in America for dining in or out.

On the first night that Amalia and the baby came home from the hospital we ordered pizza from Slices in downtown Detroit located on Woodward Avenue. The owner of this wonderful little establishment is literally known as “Pizza Joe.”  He is aptly named as it is evident when you take your first bite of his Butter Parmesan crust that he has complete devotion to creating some the best pizza around.

We also ordered a veggie calzone that was one of the best I’ve tasted to date and Joe’s Greek Salad was served with ample amounts of Feta Cheese and black olives and what seemed to be a house made fresh dressing.

What was most endearing of all was the handwritten message that we received on the inside lid

of the box that offered congratulations for the new arrival to our family.

It may have only taken a moment for one of Joe’s well trained and caring staff to write such a supportive message, but it made us lifetime fans of his remarkable Detroit style pizza.



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