Detroit on the Road – Trendy & Remarkable Corktown Restaurant

On day two of our baby sojourn in Detroit, Michigan while running a few errands on behalf of our daughter, Jim and I stopped for an early Saturday afternoon lunch at Mudgie’s Deli in the Corktown area of Detroit.

This delightful little spot on Porter Street has been a favorite of our daughter Amalia for years and it now rates highly on our list as well.

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Mudgie’s can be described as a quaint Artisian Deli that also offers table service, catering, and carryout. Their high quality house-smoked meat sandwiches, homemade soups. craft beers, well balanced wine selection and classic cocktails make this a favorite full-service establishment for locals and visitors alike.

On this particular sub-zero visit we waited in our heated car outside of the historic red brick building that Mudgie’s calls its home. As we stayed toasty and warm, (we do live in Florida afterall), we watched a few other couples arriving prior to their 11 a.m. opening and waiting at the white gated garden trellis entry to be sure that they would be one of the first to secure a table.

Once we went inside every single staff member gave us a warm welcome as we made our way to a table for two close to the front entrance.

Our server Megan introduced herself in a timely manner and was one of the most pleasant and informative servers that we have experienced in a very long time. She was extremely patient with our long list of questions and never tired of sharing friendly conversation.

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To us, a true sign of a very successful restaurant is how happy and engaged their staff appears to be. At Mudgie’s Deli it is obvious that everyone there loves their job.

After reviewing the fantastic variety of deli sandwich offerings, Jim decided on a classic Grilled Cheese and a cup of the homemade Tomato Soup. I ordered their famous “Mudgie” which included beef brisket, roasted turkey breast, house made vegetable cream cheese, romaine lettuce and caramelized onions with Kream Mustard from Brownswood Farms served on a toasty warm onion roll.

Next time in Jim and I plan to indulge in one of their many craft beers. If we weren’t on grandparent duty later that day we would have definitely ordered the Super Trooper Brown English Ale from Petrosky, Michigan.

I would also be very tempted to end with the Fudgie Mudgie or Sweet Ruth Warm Bread Pudding.

We aren’t planning another trip to the frozen tundra for several months, but when we return in late spring or early summer we are excited about ordering a build your own salad with locally grown fresh produce and delightfully chosen toppings.

One thing is for sure, we will be returning to Mudgie’s Deli again and again when we visit our adorable grandchildren.

Patti has chosen to take advantage of her journalism background by writing about what she loves. That includes all sorts of foods, wines and beers. She is also appreciative of great, actually remarkable, servers, bartenders, owners and managers. This is a business and hospitality is not for everyone. But for those who love it they can enjoy a long and lucrative career.

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