The Remarkable One’s

Hi, Jim here. I know Patti does not want me to write anything on the blog unless she reviews it for content and structure. That is because she is a journalist and she is a perfectionist. Well, I am going to sneak this one in on her.

I love it when we have a great server. I also think of myself as a great server and i am an ambassador for those who care as much I do about making the guest experience memorable each and every time.

On this particular page we will not only feature exceptional servers, but also hosts and hostesses, bartenders, managers and owners as well as other customer service representatives who go above and beyond to #giveremarkableservice. 

To begin we would like to feature a hostess by the name of Sarah who greeted us last summer at The Moon Under Water. It was slightly overcast day but her warm welcome and illuminating smile came shining through. She impressed us so much that her photo appears on our online Hospitality Training Site at :

Sarah is a college student who isn’t likely to make her career in our industry. However, on that particular afternoon in downtown St. Pete her commitment to maintaining a professional and hospitable demeanor was nothing less than #remarkable.

BRANDO  is a server at the Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater, Florida. He is what I like to describe as the younger more handsome and Colombian version of me. 

His desire to #giveremarakableservice and his attention to detail as well as his charming table side humor make Brando someone who guests will ask for again and again.

Brando, like myself, has also taken time to be educated about wine and he is comfortable talking about craft beers and classic cocktails too.

Well traveled, well trained, and well mannered Brando is also featured on our online Hospitality Training Program and is one of the best examples we have ever seen of someone who strives to #Giveremarkableservice.

One of our favorite restaurants in downtown St. Pete is the Central Avenue Oyster Bar. #thecentralavenueoysterbar

In fact, we chose to feature the oyster bar on our very first blog as a proper christening to the fun and exciting adventure that we find ourselves on now. Jim and I were absolutely thrilled and amazed at the knowledgeable and informative service that we received on two recent visits from bartenders ALI and her PM counterpart CORIE 

They were relaxed and fun and not at all pushy, but always there at just the right moment to offer a second pour on the draft beers we were enjoying or suggest another half dozen oysters if we so desired.

Each of these fine bartenders also possess a very pleasant personality and a great sense of humor which goes a long way when you are standing behind a bar and in life in general.

Stop in soon to visit ALI or CORIE and experience #remarkableservice at its best. (We missed taking Corie’s picture so please forgive us Corie).

Mitch and Crystal own a fun and appropriately named restaurant The Old Key West Bar & Grill on Central Avenue in St. Pete.  These two talented entrepreneurs make their guests feel right at home. It is obvious that they have a passion for the restaurant business and they have created an atmosphere that mimics the very laid back experience that you would likely have in the Keys.  As a couple that has worked together in this industry for over forty years we commend you and wish you much luck!



Wendy is an associate at the Thai-Am 2 restaurant and Sushi Bar located on the edge of John’s Pass.  She greeted us with a glowing smile that would rival the sun itself as we approached to review the menu of this 30 year establishment.  We are extremely excited to return there to enjoys the Chef’s many offerings.  Most of all we are looking forward to seeing Wendy again as she was a great hospitality ambassador during our brief encounter last week.



Peter welcomed us with the most enthusiastic of greetings when we entered The Friendly Fisherman. What a fantastic server. He showed his ability to deal with customers on several different levels. He was organized and prompt and returned several times to assure everything was to our liking. Peter had a smile that lit up the waterfront deck where we enjoyed a fantastic lunch.  One thing he said to us that will stick with me, “I love doing this job. I love to serve.” Wow! Those are the words we continue to try to get across in our Hospitality Training Program. You can check it out at


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