Experience the Flavor of Europe on Beach Drive in St. Pete

You may have guessed by reading a few of my previous blogs that I am a lover of pubs. Some pubs however are more authentic than others and come far closer to what you might find in a quaint little village in the British Isles.

The Moon Under Water is located on the very upscale Beach Drive in downtown St. Pete. Bright red umbrella tables give one the opportunity to do a little people watching from their sidewalk seating.

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The outdoor setting is perfect as you can take in the Banyon trees in Straub Park and get a little glimpse of the Bay while pondering the magnificent paintings that hang inside The Museum of Fine Arts right across the street.

At dusk the horse drawn carriages begin to line up and if you are so inclined you can even tour the city in a replica of Cinderella’s carriage.

Once inside though you literally forget everything I’ve just described and you find yourself in what appears to be an age old tavern in Dublin or Edinburgh or Oxford England or Wales.

Flags that represent each of those countries hang high from the tall dark wood beamed ceiling.

The tables are covered in white butcher paper which is apropos while enjoying the best fish and chips on this side of the pond or the juicy Guiness burger or even one of their many curry offerings. If you order any of the curry dishes be sure to try the garlic Naan bread which is soft and warm when served to you and perfect in every way.

Whenever Jim and I are there with family and friends we order the Old Speckled Hen which is an English pale ale. The aren’t many pubs in the area that offer it so for us it is a must have.

We’ve never ordered dessert at our favorite pub because we are always so satisfied at the end of each visit.

However, if you are craving something sweet Paciugo’s is located a few doors down and you can literally travel from England to Italy by stepping inside and experiencing their deliciously creamy gelato or refreshing sorbetto.

Consider trying The Moon Under Water or Paciugo’s the next time you are in downtown St. Pete and save yourself the price of an intercontinental ticket.

On one of our visits to this traditional English pub we were greeted by a wonderful customer service representative at the hostess stand by the name of Sara. Read more about her under the EXCELLENT SERVERS WE HAVE MET tab.

We remember her so well because she was so calm and collected in this high volume restaurant, but she maintained a confident smile all along the way.


Patti Abate is co-creator of Tampa Bay’s Remarkable Restaurants along with her husband, (and typist), James Poling. Together they have also co-created a series of online hospitality training modules to help make you the professional you should be in this industry.  We love this business & want to see you succeed and do the best you can do.  Take a look at our site offerings at https://www.Giveremarkableservice.com


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