Lexington on the Road – Enjoying Remarkable Barbeque

This past week, Jim & I have had the incredible experience of helping our daughter and her family welcome a beautiful little baby girl into the world.

Leaving them was a rather tearful occasion as it will be months before we will see Colette Marie, her three year old brother Dash, and their Mom again.

The one thing that we knew might comfort us on the long journey home to Florida from Detroit was a stop-over in Lexington Kentucky and dinner at City Barbeque.

In fact, the last six or eight times that we have traveled through that part of the country, #CityBarbeque has been our dining destination of choice.

Their hand-rubbed smoked meats and deliciously prepared sides have been crafted by owner Rick Malir and his team since 1999.

The talented entrepreneur opened his first restaurant in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Coincidentaly, Jim and I married in that same town over 35 years ago.

Now we are as totally and completely in love with Ricks beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage, mac & cheese, and collard greens as we are with one another. Well almost anyway. We are food fanatics after all.

8 made at the restaurant sauces. From ginger to spicy to bourbon and more (2 rows, no waiting)

In fact, if Ricks restaurant was in existence in 1981 we would have had them cater our wedding reception.  That is something that occurs frequently anywhere in which #CityBarbeque is located as catering is one of their fortes.

When we arrived at the #CityBarbeque location on Harrodsburg Road  at 9 p.m. last Thursday the manager on duty whose name is #Enrique greeted us with a warm and welcoming smile.

He assisted us in making the perfect dinner selection and helped to package everything as we were planning to opt for carryout and eat at our hotel. His caring & sincere attention to detail made us bigger fans than ever before.

This is obviously an organization that cares passionately about the product and its people as well as the community.  We have been impressed from the time of our very first visit at how streamlined, clean and organized the operation is. The decor leans toward a fun and casual vibe with just a hint of rustic flair. There are always updates on City Barbeque’s volunteer efforts in the surrounding neighborhoods too.

My only criticism is that they have not yet opened a Tampa Bay location. I am all for the idea of “City Barbeque at the Beach.”  I think vacationers would flock there in droves.


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One thing is for certain, we will always be loyal patrons when visiting our adorable grandchildren up north.

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