Tampa Bay Gives Remarkable Service “On The Road”


Christmas at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida presents a whole world of possibilities to all who travel there.

Just the eateries alone are as diverse as the most ethnic of big city neighborhoods.

You can experience fish and chips and Irish dancers at the Ragland Road Pub. Of course there is always plenty of Guinness flowing and talented folk singers from the Emerald Isle on the stage to delight.

If you’re feeling like taking in a Cuban floor show then Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s award winning restaurant Bongo’s is the place to be.  For passers by the smell of freshly baked empanadas fill the air.

This past summer a barbecue restaurant was added to the mix by the name of the Polite Pig.

There you can order a butcher block board for two that includes pork shoulder, smoked chicken and ribs, as well as two generous sides. If bourbon is what you fancy you may want to experiment with a whisky flight starting at $25 that will include a tasting of Woodford Reserve, Basel Hayden, and Four Roses Single Barrel.

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For anyone craving American fare the fast food style D-Luxe Burger offers not only the juiciest burgers I have had to date, but also some of the best onion rings that can be found.

My favorite experience on our most recent visit was having drinks and appetizers on the roof top deck of Paddlefish. The recently renovated river boat allows you to be seated high enough to take in every thing that sparkles below.

Don’t let the holidays pass you by without visiting the always enchanting and now very upscale Disney Springs.

Patti is co-creator of http://www.GiveRemarkableService.com with husband James Poling. They have vast knowledge in the hospitality industry at forty plus years each.