Why We Recommend Our Affiliates

As we prepare for the next blog we wanted to harp on a couple of great choices of affiliates we added to our site.

Amazon is of course one of the premier shopping sites on line where you can get virtually anything and that is what we are promoting. In the restaurant industry, or for cooking items such as pots, pans & knives, or corkscrews and wine decanters one can make that purchase through Amazon and we request that you do that through our site if you don’t mind.

Dinnerware, glassware, or anything that can be utilized to eat food or drink wine or serve food or wine can be found on Amazon.

Now, of course Target is the shopping store of choice for many younger people we have talked with. We can appreciate the upscale look of their stores. They’re fun and Target is easy to order from either on line or by making a local trip to the store itself.

We feature a company we love because of the ease of using it to connect us to WordPress and that is Bluehost. We didn’t know how easy it would be to work with this company to connect our domain and then as we said to WordPress to generate our blog.

We love Bluehost and it is inexpensive like only $3 to $5 a month. 

Add this to WordPress and you have a great base for a great blog OR store OR training site like we offer on http://www.giveremarkableservice.com. 

This is where we offer hospitality training site. 

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Jim and Patti are hospitality professionals with over forty years of experience and we have a passion for this industry. We love food and wine and restaurants, but we really love great service so we offer a training site as well. Check out our training site at http://www.giveremarkableservice.com